Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet and Spicy Gochujang glazed Chicken Drummies

 Ok..So this doesn't exactly fall under the category of "drawing"..but cooking can be considered a form of art..Right??ha ha 
  Today I pulled out a bag of Schwan's breaded chicken drummies for lunch and I thought.."how boring".  
   As I was thinking of a way to spice them up a bit I remembered this really yummy dish with a gochujang flavored sauce. I thought it would taste really good with chicken!
  I couldn't really remember the recipe off the top of my head so I improvised a little bit and came up with this :) .
  I call it sweet and spicy Gochujang glazed chicken drummies. It is definitely spicy so if you don't care for spicy food this isn't for you. 
  I've never posted or shared a recipe so if it's hard to follow please let me know!The recipe was made for myself so it's only meant for about three drummies.
  This would be a good quick lunch box addition I think :)
(read more for the recipe)


3 frozen breaded chicken Drummies (I used Schwan's brand but any will do)

(from left to right- rice wine, pepper paste, maple syrup)

21/2 Tbsp of Gochujang (korean hot pepper paste)
2 Tbsp of cooking rice wine
1 1/2 Tbsp real maple Syrup (not the maple flavored corn syrup)

Follow the directions on the package to cook your chicken.  
Mix your sauce ingredients together thoroughly and add to frying pan or wok at medium heat. 
Stir constantly so the sauce does not burn. 
Once the sauce begins to bubble add your chicken and shake around until fully coated.
Keep chicken moving until sauce thickens slightly and becomes sticky.
Turn off heat and serve!
Super easy right?? 
(just make sure you have some napkins!!)

The only thing that might be difficult is finding some of the actual ingredients.
Especially if you aren't even quite sure what they are!
This Wikipedia article explains what Gochujang is and it's history as well.
  You can find Gochujang and rice wine at most asian markets.
You might even be able to find cooking rice wine in the ethnic food aisle in your local grocery store.

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